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Europe Type Fine Shredder

GE series Europe type fine shredder is a new upgraded version of fine shredder. It adopts single-shaft "double motor + double reducer" drive design to provide large shearing force and ensure high shredding output. Usually used in the fine shredding of solid waste, the material can be processed to a smaller size at one time. It is widely used in resource regeneration, RDF (domestic waste derivative fuel) production, plastic recycling, garbage treatment and other fields. It has the characteristics of small discharging granularity, replaceable screen, wide material applicability and high efficiency.


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Europe Type Fine Shredder Working Principle

Working principle

The motor drives the shaft to rotate in high speed, the material will be pushed to the gap between the rotary cutter shaft and fixed cutter, the material will be shredded by the rotary cutter and fixed cutter crossing action, the undersize mateial will discharge from the screen mesh, the oversize material will be send back for continue shredding. The final product size can be adjusted by changing the screen mesh.


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Product advantages

Technical parameter

Model Power(kW) Shredding chamber size(mm) Weight(t) Dimension(mm)
GE12 75 1200x1200 10 3000x2000x3000
GE15 110 1500x1500 12.5 3600x2000x3000
GE20 180 2000x1500 16 3800x2000x3000
GE30 400 3000x1600 26 5600x2200x3300

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