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Double shaft shearing type shredder

GD series double-shaft shearing crusher uses the principle of shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters to crush materials. Using "double motor + double planetary reducer", the power is strong and the operation stability is high. It is often used in environmental protection fields such as municipal solid waste disposal, resource regeneration, waste incineration pretreatment and so on. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, large shearing force, good tearing effect, low noise and good stability.


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Double shaft shearing type shredder Working Principle

Working principle

Hydraulic or electrical motor drives the knife shaft rotation; the movable knifes shears, the head of movable knife and the sleeve surface shears, the knife shaft torsion and speed difference shreds to reach shredding result.


Solid (hazardous) waste crushing mixing pumping system Crushing system of hazardous waste treatment plant Waste incineration power plant RDF (refuse derived fuel) crushing Biomass fuel pretreatm

Product advantages

Technical parameter

Standard type

Model Power(kW) Shredding chamber size(mm) Weight(t) Dimension(mm)
GD6 37x2 650x1200 7.2 4000x2268x2685
GD8 45x2 850x1200 11.2 4300x2304x3050
GD9 75x2 950x1600 14.1 5100x2684x3120
GD10 90x2 1050x1800 17.2 5800x2784x3260
GD12 110x2 1200x2000 20.5 6000x3330x3630
GD13 132x2 1300x2000 20.5 6000x3330x3630
GD15 160x2 1500x2000 23.8 6200x3620x3850

Heavy duty type

Model Power(kW) Shredding chamber size(mm) Weight(t) Dimension(mm)
GD6P 45x2 650x1200 8.6 4000x2318x2685
GD8P 55x2 850x1200 11.5 4300x2452x3050
GD9P 90x2 950x1800 15.8 5500x2984x3170
GD10P 110x2 1050x1800 18.5 5800x3144x3260
GD12P 132x2 1200x2000 23.5 6200x3452x3630
GD13P 160x2 1300x2000 23.5 6200x3452x3630
GD15P 200x2 1500x2200 26.7 6500x3764x3850

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