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Waste plastic recycling system

Waste plastic recycling system


Discharge siz:<30mm

Broken material:PE plastic film, HDPE bottle, PET bottle, PP bag and other plastics

Detailed introduction

Through in-depth research on various waste plastic products, we have developed a series of high-performance, high-yield waste plastic recycling lines, whose main functions include crushing, cleaning, granulation and drying. This series of production lines are widely used in PE agricultural film. , HDPE bottles, PET bottles, PP bags and various types of general plastic products recycling. Through in-depth communication with customers, to understand the actual needs of customers and in combination with the actual situation of the customer area, we will tailor the overall solution.

Waste plastic recycling system

Processing process diagram

Waste plastic recycling production lines according to different production requirements may include the following equipment

1. Feed conveyor belt - uniform feeding of bundles or loose thin materials, or bundled materials can be directly put into the shredder without using a conveyor belt.

2. Shredder - shred the material with water and pre-wash while shredding.

3. Screw conveyor - conveying and cleaning.

4. Pre-washer - removes some of the sediment and foreign matter such as sand and gravel that may be contained.

5. Rinsing separator - cleans the material, removes some of the sediment and impurities, and separates materials of different densities.

6. Crusher - crushed with water and cleaned.

7. High temperature cooking pot - high temperature cleaning material to dissolve the glue. Mainly used for PET bottle cleaning.

8. Horizontal friction cleaning machine - high-speed cleaning, water is discharged from the mesh hole to reduce the impurities and impurities-containing liquid adhering to the surface during the next cleaning.

9. Centrifugal dewatering machine - removes most of the moisture from the surface of the material.

10. Hot air drying system - further drying the material.

11. De-labeling system - removes the remaining labels, mainly for bottle cleaning.

12. Bagging system

13. Control the electric cabinet

By selecting the right model and integrating the solution that best meets the actual production needs, we can obtain the most cost-effective production line for the user while controlling the equipment input as much as possible, and produce high quality products for sale or granulation, injection molding or blowing. membrane.

How to choose the right shredder?

From tailor-made equipment to guiding installation and commissioning, GEP ECOTECH customizes one-stop solutions for you, providing you with satisfactory service.


Popular crushing materials

The introduction of advanced technology in North America, relying on its own advantages to develop and innovate, combined with the characteristics of materials, professional design and development of a number of solid waste recycling solutions.