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Medical waste shredder equipment system

Medical waste shredder equipment system


Discharge siz:≤40 mm

Broken material:Medical drugs, medical equipment, etc.

Detailed introduction

Medical waste is medical waste, which is mainly divided into wastes such as medical drugs and medical devices. Medical drugs generally include gauze for patients, expired drugs, animal carcasses, infusion bottles, human infusion needles, infusion tubes, etc. Medical devices include waste chemicals that are toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive, such as discarded chemical reagents. Chemical disinfectants, mercury sphygmomanometers, mercury thermometers, thermometers, glass test tubes, etc. It is a kind of garbage containing a lot of pathogenic bacteria and toxic substances.

Collecting, transporting and disposing of medical waste can solve many scattered treatment facilities, reduce pollution sources, save energy, avoid medical waste mixed into domestic garbage, and reduce harm to human body. General medical waste disposal methods include disinfection and destruction. Three main disposal methods, such as reduction treatment, in-situ incinerator, and centralized sanitary landfill. Sanitary landfill is the final treatment method for medical waste. The principle is to bury the garbage underground and decompose it into harmless substances through long-term decomposition of microorganisms.

Medical waste crushing equipment system

Medical waste crushing system application:

Medical waste incineration

Medical waste microwave treatment

Medical waste high temperature cooking

Medical pyrolysis

Centralized medical treatment

Medical waste crusher application materials:

Clinical waste, expired drugs

Infectious waste, various plastic waste, latex material waste

Syringe syringe waste, prosthetic limbs, blood stained cotton yarn, disposable sheets

Medical waste crushing system solution

After the medical waste is inactivated by high-temperature cooking and sterilization, the medical waste crusher can completely destroy the material, reduce the volume to a large extent, and reduce the cost of landfill and transportation. Due to the high temperature and high humidity of medical waste, it contains a large amount of alloy materials, such as steel needles, scalpels, prostheses, etc., which have strict requirements on the reliability of medical waste crushers.

GEP ECOTECH offers solutions for medical waste crushing systems, including automatic lifting of feed, crushing (or double-stage crushing), screw conveying and discharge, and automatic central control. Medical waste is safely and effectively destroyed in a relatively closed environment. The large-distance isolation baffle, high-temperature sealing ring and other structures effectively protect the transmission structure of the medical waste crusher and reduce the failure rate. The hardness and strength of imported heat treatment tools are much higher than those of alloy knives. They are wear-resistant, tough enough, and not broken.

How to choose the right shredder?

From tailor-made equipment to guiding installation and commissioning, GEP ECOTECH customizes one-stop solutions for you, providing you with satisfactory service.


Popular crushing materials

The introduction of advanced technology in North America, relying on its own advantages to develop and innovate, combined with the characteristics of materials, professional design and development of a number of solid waste recycling solutions.